In the heart of Berlin, we have created the electronic lab vault. A solution for file-based productions, to ensure the security and healthiness of your valuable projects.

Never lose your “digital negative” again due to a human or technical failure. With the help of our vault, you’re ensuring that your project’s integrity is maintained over the time and it is well available to you in the future.

Basic services [let’s speak about a plan B]

  • 45 sqm vault for maximum security of your projects
  • Fire, water, temperature and humidity control
  • Receiving inspection and verification of all media
  • Periodic function and data integrity checks
  • Seamless documentation of all archiving steps
  • Indexation of the projects including metadata and thumbnails
  • Personalized online database of the indexes

Advanced services [redundancy, redundancy, redundancy]

  • Extra location within the vault for the LTO tapes
  • Copy of your media to LTO Ultrium tapes (with a shelf life up to 30 years)
  • Archive workflow powered by ARCHIWARE P5
  • Incremental backups of your changed or additional files
  • Periodic function and data integrity checks for the LTO tapes
  • Additional copies according to your request LTO/HDD
  • Reorganisation and consolidation of existing projects
  • Worldwide safe delivery of your media as and when required

Please contact us for a detailed offer.