We’ve engineered a unique DIT system, based on modules which can be adjusted for the needs for the next generation of production.

Everything is combined in a compact on-board case. Ready to roll. No more trouble-shooting. We are talking about real solutions designed around your requirements.

Basic services  [quick & safe]

  • Light-weight modular design
  • Cabin size – readytofly
  • No set-up time – readytorun
  • High-speed triple backup system powered by Silverstack
  • Checksum verification over the whole destination chain
  • Internal SSD RAID 5 with up to 12 TB
  • Enterprise class hard drives
  • Tailor-made hard drive enclosures and transport system
  • Basic color correction
  • Instant dallies and transcodes with audio synch for all NLE´s
  • Seamless reports with thumbnails and metadata
  • Off the grid – runs on V-Mount batteries and internal UPS
  • Serves all cameras and formats

Advanced services [if your ideas need more support]

  • Color grading and look management
  • Live grading (with additional hardware)
  • Basic editing
  • Metadata management e.g. GPS logging
  • Postproduction supervison
  • Workflow visualization
  • Footage QC
  • LTO backup via LTFS