the electronic lab specializes in data workflow and data security for the film industry.

elab specializes in data workflow and data security for the film industry. We are establishing new technologically advanced standards and are collaborating with production and post-production to secure stable and optimized data workflow. Our advanced services cover the entire life cycle of digital film data:

  • MDU, our unique DIT system on set
  • Fine-tuned secured data transfers and backups throughout the production
  • Analog archive solutions for safe long-term data storage and maintenance
  • Full online access to indexed, cataloged and fully searchable proxy-files


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We worked for

BMW, Mercedes, ING-DiBa, Deutsche Bahn, Consors, Filmakademie Baden Württemberg, Bridgestone, Allianz, Bauhaus, Dallmayr, Samsung, Swiss International Air Lines, IKEA, Rewe, Warsteiner, Caritas, About You, Em-Eukal, Ferrero, Otto, Unicef, Jeep, ARD, TV Spielfilm, Volkswagen, Sportschau, Audi, Credit Suisse, Gauloises, Vice, Telekom, Jaguar, Nike


the electronic lab is the film industries one-stop shop for data-wrangling, conforming and archiving.

We provide a professional crew and technology from data-recording on set, live grade and 360° filming to long-term storage and accessibility.


Our team consists of dedicated DIT and postproduction experts with many years of experience on countless international movies and commercials sets. We know all technical requirements of demanding production environments – in particular the need for stable and secure workflows with reliable short-term as well as long-term data storage.

Here we are.

You can find us in the heart of Berlin, in Schöneberg.